Password prompt every time we connect to WVD



Every time we start an app for the first time (ie no active session) we get prompted for username/password credentials.

We currently have both fall & spring wvd environments running.

On the fall environment, i am the only user where the Remote Desktop app has somehow remembered my credentials, because I (as the only user in the tenant!) is never asked for password - however I am on the new spring release - just like all my colleagues.

We run a full AD synced with AD Connect to Azure AD.

Am I missing something, or should we not get the option to "remember me" when entering credentials? (its not there)

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@Raaert If I undestand what you are saying, when you sign into WVD, either by the web or the client you will receive a prompt for a user/password after clicking on your Desktop Session or Remote App, right? If so, what you are seeing is a prompt to not only connect to the SaaS service, but then the credentials are passed onto the server hosting the session or app. I saw another post or mention that it is not supported to do SSO on this and that the feature is being looked at.


If anyone knows any more I have clients interested in that feature and would like to see more on it. 


I know SSO is not working (yet).
But on my first login when i was setting up WVD, i got the “remember me” checkbox and it has remembered my login ever since, however i dont get it on the new WVD (spring update) and none of my colleagues get it on fall or spring update.

I see it mentioned in Christian Brinkhoffs WVD articles.

If i install Remote Desktop on one of my servers in another environment i can get the remember me checkbox there, and im currently clueless as to what makes it work some times and not others
It's a good point, wish I knew the answer. Should I ever come across anything I will let you know.


Check that you don't have "Always prompt for password upon connection" set in group policy or in the registry on the session host


Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Security 




HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services

fPromptForPassword DWORD
1 = enable



Unfortunatly this was not it :(

We figured out the issue.


An employee had deployed an Intune security policy denying the ability to save RDP logins....