p2v Win7 desktop to Windows Virtual Desktop

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Just wanted to run this idea past the community to see if it's possible. I'm with a customer that has old hardware running Win7 and various legacy apps that either can't run on Win10 or they've lost the media for. What I'm hoping is possible is that I can p2v this box into Windows Virtual Desktop and configure a new piece of hardware running Win10 to auto start WVD with the Win7 desktop. Is that achievable?


On a side note, my understanding is that if a Win7 machine is put into WVD that it will receive 3 extra years of extended support at no cost, is this accurate?

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Hi @Daniel Corkill ,


This could be possible (in theory)!


These would be the steps:


  1. Create a VHD from your Win7 VM
    (perhaps with Disk2vhd
  2. Run through these steps:
    Prepare a Windows VHD or VHDX to upload to Azure
  3. Use that image to deploy a new VM in Azure behind the WVD service


If you have the Win7 running in Hyper-V, you can also use Azure Migrate to migrate the VM to Azure, without making the Win7 into an Azure Image first:


This is all theory of-course

You will have to do some testing :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: