P2S VPN to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

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Is there any way for us to setup a P2S VPN between on-prem and Windows Virtual Desktop and prevent access from anything else than this tunnel? The reason is that we have customers that should only have access to connect to the service from one single computer.


Conditional access policies are able to prevent IP's not comming from the customer, but not from this specific laptop since all internal IP's are NAT:ed out on the Internet.

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@jensiron Hello, I see that they have not answered your question. I have an identical scenario in which I want to deploy P2S VPN to azure from an external client so that it connects to WVD and sees that the latency issues produced by a normal internet connection are mitigated. You know something?


Will the P2S VPN decrease the latency for WVD?

I have a Chinese customer that has big latency for WVD because of the Great Firewall, but they do not have budget for ExpressRoute, I am considering VPN, but I assume VPN can only increase latency because of the additional hops.

@raaloc7777What kind of latency issues are you experiencing? Do you have the surrounding applications in Azure as well as the actual VDI solution?

I don't think it is possible to create a VPN in to the service as it looks like today.