Outlook Presence support with ALLUSER Teams?

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This seems to be common across our AVD environments and I want to know if its a known issue or by design.


Users in AVD who have Teams installed in Program Files do not have Teams to Outlook presence functionality, its just greyed out in Outlook.  Have attempted to re-register from Teams to Office, checked the registry for the IM Providers, that's all set correctly to Teams.


There is this article, but this is for an Appdata installation:

User presence status issues in Outlook - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn


I have checked the local Program Files and the teamspresenceaddin folder is there instead with the correct files.


With that in mind, as users are complaining that it works locally and not in AVD, is this actually supported or is there something else to check?





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It may be handled by script in extra

Btw, this issue happens when Skype for Business is excluded from the Office installation.

Something Microsoft should have fixed a long time ago.

@JonathanPitre  That is amazing, I didn't need the whole script but it pointed me in the right direction. Basically the Uc.tlb and Uc.win32.tlb need to be in the Office16 location.  Once there presence in Outlook then activated.

The image with Office and Teams pre-installed came straight from the Gallery, its things like this where Microsoft drive me absolutely crazy.


Really appreciate your help with this and to a solution.

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