Outlook email disconnect on AVD

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Dear all,


In AVD with have outlook application setup with 2 mailboxes (private mailbox & public mailbox)).
All our Microsoft are setup in our Private email account.


When I configure a new profile on outlook AVD, no problem, I can add both addresses.
But when I disconnect from Outlook AVD and reconnect, it will ask him for the password of the general mailbox.


Any idea please?




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Can further elaborate on Outlook setup, offline mode enabled?



I believe I have run into this issue myself before. The resolution wasn't really a resolution though as WVD/AVD hosts are by default blocked from Azure AD registration. To stop multiple users registering the hosts. But due to this, additional mailboxes somehow fail to store the necessary tokens to keep authenticated.


Believe it is this reg key that is by default on AVD/WVD hosts- 


HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WorkplaceJoin, "BlockAADWorkplaceJoin"=dword:00000001