Oops, we couldn't connect to We couldn't connect to the remote PC because of a security error

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Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop services.  All services deployed on one server.

Unable to connect session to Rdweb client.  

RD Console log :

2022-09-17T18:28:43.074Z RdsTlsCapabilitiesState(NORM): Entering RDP state RdsTlsCapabilities
2022-09-17T18:28:43.109Z RdsTlsAuthenticationState(NORM): Entering RDP state RdsTlsAuthentication
2022-09-17T18:28:43.800Z Connection(ERR): The connection generated an internal exception with disconnect code=GenericSecurityError(16), extended code=<null>, reason=The server reported an error during RDSTLS authentication, error code=1326
Thrown in thread 402956 at:
Call Stack:
at ktb
at htb
at Tp
at double restrict

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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