OneDrive Settings page doesn't show up

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I have setup a Azure WVD (spring 2020 version) with OneDrive (machine install) used to sync files across local and remote machines. 
Currently we do not have remote profiles, and only one host for this POC.

My pain at the moment is that the users can't access the settings page nor the information page for OneDrive (to see if it's all synced). This would allow to check if OneDrive stopped because of an error on a file or to stop sync SharePoint folders. 
Is there a way to get there that I'm not seeing?

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what image did you use to create your VM? Can you please elaborate what happened when users access the settings page nor the information page for OneDrive? Can user signin to oneDrive app?

Hi @Soo Kuan Teo :
It's a Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops Multi-session, Build 18363 + Microsoft 365 Apps

walk-trough  for for a new user:
If a user opens the "file explorer" in the OneDrive folder it receives a message to sign in, if it cancels it won't see it again (at least in that session), if it opens the OneDrive app (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\OneDrive.exe) it will load a blue cloud icon in the icon tray / notification area and require a sign in, after witch the files will be synchronized.

For the other situations:
Opening the folder in the File Explorer will show the files or empty.
Opening the app (usually) will place the OneDrive icon in the expected place, but it won't give any option when clicked.

Settings are never accessible.