OneDrive cannot connect to Windows


With the OneDrive in the Windows 10 Multi-user image, we are experiencing an issue where it prompts the user where it cannot connect to windows and prompts them to download the files or try again.  I do not want to turn off Files on Demand as it saves space in the FSLogix profiles.


Has anyone else seen this issue?


I followed the guidance here and everything looks good.


I do have the FSLogix Component for OneDrive turned on, do we think that could be impacting?

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Apply the latest available Windows update to fix the 'OneDrive Cannot Connect to Windows' error. Step 1: Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. Step 2: Type ms-settings:windowsupdate and press Enter to open the Windows Update tab of the Settings app.

@Lewis-HThank you, testing this now.

Are you still having this issue?@AndrewPhebus 

We're also experiencing the same issues but we haven't applied the latest April Windows updates on the Win 10 Multi session version. 

@Rufino1265I have applied the updates including April and confirmed OneDrive was patched in the custom image to current.  We are now 1 week without the issue.  I don't know if it will resurface, but it was ok last week.

Experiencing the same issue on Windows 10 multi session.  Applied latest Windows updates and updated to latest OneDrive version but issue still occurring. It seems intermittent and if you reboot the host issue goes away and then comes back after signing back in. 



FSLogix was 1 version behind. I've installed the latest version on the Win10 hosts and so far no OneDrive issues. So may have been a FSLogix bug?

@tilikumtim   Aaaand the issue is back again.

What's annoying (apart from the actual issue) is you get 2 options when the error occurs: 'Try again' (which doesn't work) or 'Download Files'  - if you select 'Download Files' it completely removes the Files on-demand option in OneDrive and there doesn't seem to be a way to re-enable it (the option is missing under OneDrive settings).

@tilikumtim I have a ticket opened with Microsoft regarding this and today they acknowledged that this is a bug in FSLogix and a fix will be rolled out to FSLogix app in about two weeks. 


It's a random issue and we haven't seen it in about 2 weeks. We're running Win 10 version 1909 with latest patches and latest FSLogix App.

@Rufino1265Hi, that's good it's being sorted. It did seem like a bug (I thought I had seen the last of it with the previous FSLogix update!).  Thanks for letting me know, much appreciated.

@Rufino1265 Hi, did you get any update from Microsoft?  I see there still hasn't been a fix released for this bug!