Office and FSLogix Apps Rule Editor


This article explains the process to take a VM with Office installed. Offload the Office folder to a network location and use the VM as a template for all other machines in the host pool. By offloading the Office install footprint folder the following benefits are achieved:

  • Reduce requirements for C: disk size 
  • When snapshot and/or backup is performed those are smaller and from there cheaper to store
  • Easier to update images using an automated pipeline 
  • One instance of office per host and potentially WVD deployment 






This covers the prerequisites for the manual process. Later we can automate.

  • VM running Windows
  • Copy of Office
  • FSLogix


Install Office


RDP in the VM.

Install Office. Installation can be either manually or via an automated process. More information here.


During the installation apply proper licensing.


Note: WVD requires Share Computer Activation (SCA).


Once the installation is completed close Office.


Install FSLogix

Open a browser and navigate to

This will trigger the download of the FSLogix agent.


Once the download is complete open the FSLogix zip file and from the x64\Releases install:


                             Check I agree to the license and terms and conditions

                             Click Install                   



                             Check I agree to the license and terms and conditions

                             Click Install           


Open CMD as administrator run

sc queryex type=service state=all | find /i "ClickToRunSvc"

If service is found use following command to stop it 

net stop ClickToRunSvc


Open CMD as administrator run to end Edge

taskkill /F /IM MicrosoftEdge.exe /T

taskkill /F /IM msedge.exe /T


Navigate to c:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps

Create target VHD

frx moveto-vhd -filename <path to network share>\office.vhdx -src "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office" -size-mbs 5000


Note: the outcome of this operation is the creation of a VHDX with the content of the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office. 

Create rules file

Start the rule editor (C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\RuleEditor.exe).

Create a new Rule Set File by clicking File > New create and saving the ruleset to the local folder (e.g. C:\Users\ssa.GT090617\Documents\FSLogix Rule Sets).




Select Blank Rule Set and press OK.

Click the + button. This will open the Add Rule dialog.




This will change the options in the Add Rule dialog.
From the drop-down select App Container (VHD) Rule.




For folder type C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office.
For Disk file select <path>\office.vhd from the Create target VHD section.
Click OK.




The .frx and .fxa are always saved in a working folder (e.g. C:\Users\<username>\Documents\FSLogix Rule Sets). Both files need to be moved to the Rules folder C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules become effective. This is by design.


Click Apply Rules to System for the rules to take effect.




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