Not able to open 2 remote apps

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Hi all,

We're experiencing a problem when we open two remote apps at the same time using rdpw files. Those remote apps are published in different host pools and workspaces in the same tenant.


When doubleclicking the first rdpw file the client will connect to AVD and the first remote app is useable.
When doubleclicking the second rdpw file (while the first remote app is open) the RDP client freezes or displays error 0x3000008 when connecting.


This behaviour is not reproduceablein client version 1.2.2606.0 but the error is reproduceable from version 1.2.2688.0 and above. We haven't tested the versions in between.
This behaviour is not reproduceable when we use the feed in the Windows Desktop client but the error is reproduceable if we open the rdpw files in the File Exporer.

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@Trebke facing the same issue.

@Trebke We have the exact same issue. We had to downgrade to version 1.2.2606.0 on all the clients, but that version have other bugs...
Have you registered a MS support ticket?

Yes we registered a support ticket a Microsoft, waiting for a reply..

@Trebke Microsoft has just confirmed that there is a bug in the later versions of the Remote desktop client and that there will be released a new version within a couple of weeks that resolves the issue.

Yes, we tested today with Microsoft and for now it’s working great. Waiting for the final release now.

@Trebke We are still having issues with the newest client 1.2.2924. Suddenly we cannot start any more applications, we get different errormessages, or no errormessage at all. Is the 1.2.2860 or 1.2.2924 working flawlessly in your organization?