Not able to install 32 bit O 365 in Windows Virtual Desktop

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I have a Windows Virtual Desktop (Personal User) with O.S Windows 10 + O 365, the Pro Plus license is already attached to the user. I want to uninstall the 64 bit O 365 and install 32 bit O 365. So In the O 365 admin center I selected 32 bit and downloaded the installer. I removed 64 bit software. I restarted the machine and when I am trying to install 32 bit O 365 it is throwing me an error. Please refer the screenshot. In what way can I pass this scenario and successfully instar 32 bit O 365? Need help and suggestions.

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I completely removed the office, downloaded the 32 bit office and trying to install and still getting the same error. is there anything need to be done with regedit? @Soo Kuan Teo 

I ran into the same issue. For us, the best way we found to get around this was to create a Windows 10 host (without O365), and then used the Office Deployment Tool to install a 32bit version. Only drawback is that we also had to install OneDrive and Teams in machine wide mode separately.
thanks for the suggestion Marc_WSS! Please use the Windows 10 multi session without office image

I will give a try and update you. @Marc_WSS 

Thanks for everyone who commented and gave your valuable suggestions.

The solution is 

  • used OffScrubC2R.vbs to clean the machine of other office versions previously installed on the machine
  • installed Office 365 with ODT
  • configured the SharedComputerLicensing key with value 1
  • Office 365 Pro Plus is activated and running correctly on the VDI.