No heartbeat, no SxS

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Lately deployed session host are unable to connect to the broker, though connectivity tests are all fine and nothing changed. Update state remains "Initial" and no heartbeat has been received. OS version is also not shown, but the agent version 1.0.833.5

Comparing the hosts with my older ones (which are still working fine) I can see is that on the new ones there is no SxS stack installed.
Which should be fine according to the latest technet manual.
Also the agent version is reporting as 1.0.1006.2000 though it's the very same installer as the one used now.

Installing the SxS stack I've used before caused errors as well as it forced the Bootloader service to stop permanently right after every start, not even a log is written.

Anyone else having this issue or any advise?
Using the ARM template does work btw and there is a SxS stack reporting in.

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@A_priori_superior : Apologize for the delay here. Is this still occurring for you today, or are you up and running?