No Audio Input Devices!!!

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Why the heck aren't there any audio input devices for this yet? If this is going to be beneficial for corporations, then we need to be able to use softphones via our WVD instances.  Otherwise, what's the point???

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@WhitneyPrice: From your post it is not clear which OS you are remoting from. See this article to understand which client platform supports microphone redirections:


For feature requests go to any other client than Windows go to:


The client for Windows has an in-app feedback button which redirects to feedback hub.



Have you tried setting the audio redirection (microphone) to true for your host pool?

I believe by default it is turned off...  You can add this property to the host pool with powershell (in addition to most other RDP properties)


Set-RdsHostPool -TenantName <TenantName> -HostPoolName <HostPoolName> -CustomRdpProperty 'audiocapturemode:i:1;'