New to WVD - App usually requires two launches to display

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Hi all,


I'm new to WVD but have a background in RDS.  I've managed to get my first ARM-based Host Pool & Host (W10 2004) running, created Application Group and run through assignment, subscribing via URL and O365 sign-in address etc.


My issue is that when I attempt to launch an app from the new WVD Remote Desktop client (1.2.1272.0) it often will not launch on first go.  It displays the 'Initiating remote connection' type messages but the actual displaying of the app's window does not appear.


If I wait a couple of minutes, then double-click the same app again from Windows Desktop client I will get 2 instances load very quickly - obviously my first instance and the second instance.


So my questions are:

- Is the above scenario a known issue

- Where should I go to start diagnosing WVD server & client issues?

- Where are WVD server & client settings controller - I guess there's a Group Policy snap-in somewhere?



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This is not expected. If you wait long enough, does the remoteapp show up eventually? Do you also face this issue with full desktop? Can you please file a feedback through feedback hub?
Please use Category Apps/Remote Desktop, and share the feedback link. This way we can have a bit more information on what happen to the client when this issue occurs. Thanks!