New Outlook support for AVD

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I'm reposting this feedback thread on the forums to hopefully attract a bigger audience:


Has anyone else bumped into the problem that the new Outlook client doesn't seem to be supported on the AVD (at least when running FSLogix).



FSLogix has released an updated version to support the new Teams client. It detects and registers the AppX package, so it's not removed after signoff.


I haven't seen any mentioned support for the new Outlook client however. 


For me the whole app still keeps disappearing after signing off, even with the latest version of FSLogix. Has anyone had any succesfull results on getting the new Outlook running on AVD?


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You have to install it on the base image using a powershell that allows for the app to run in a single machine with multiple users assuming you run multisession hosts but you are still stuck with classic outlook till MS supports it fully. I think thats the release after 23H2 sometime this year.

@GoodyClancy Thanks for the suggestion. The official deployment/install guide is here:

Non-administrative Windows Package Manager and Setup.exe Bootstrapper installs do not survive log off. Even logging back on to the same machine where the user performed the install doesn't persist the user install.


Download and install new Outlook for a single computer

does persist between logons:

Deployment overview for the new Outlook for Windows - Deploy Office | Microsoft Learn