New Hosts added to host pool are not using VNet Custom DNS

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I am to the point where I am creating a new host pool and the host creation join to AD domain failed and when I logged into the VM the reason it failed is because there is no DNS on the NIC in the VM.  I checked and the VNet it is using has custom DNS set but the VM is not using it so there is no way to communicate properly with the domain.  Has anyone seen this and what did you do to get the hosts to use the VNet DNS?


** UPDATE -- So I booted the host pool VM again this morning and logged into it and eventhough it isn't showing DNS when I do ipconfig /all I can ping the FQDN of the DC.  So DNS is there just not showing.  So I am more confused now as to what has changed.  I tried to manually join the computer to the domain yesterday and it failed because it couldn't find it and I used the FQDN of the domain.  

I am going to try to create a new host and see if whatever the issue was yesterday is no longer there and it creates and joins it properly.  

Any other reasons anyone can think of why the join to AD extension would fail.  The log doesn't clearly define the problem from what I can see.  I am using a domain admin credential to join them and placing in an OU and the path is correct.


** Another Update--


So I created a VM from the Image and it looks like when it boots it is locked on the 'Please wait for the windows module installer' screen upon logon.  So I think that must be the issue.  If the host creation can't get to a desktop to run the extension then that would explain the failure.  Will make sure that I reboot a couple of times before SYSPREP and make into an image to deploy.  Will update once that is done.


** More updates--


I created a new VM from the previous image.  Logged in and made sure that all windows updates and any other updates had run and then rebooted 2 times with 10 minutes between reboots then logged in and did sysprep and then made a new image.  There was no 'please wait for windows module installer' on the screen after the reboots but when I create hosts from that image I can see on the diagnostics screen that it is showing the 'please wait for windows module installer' and will now fail to join again.  Does anyone know why this is happening and any way to fix this?

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Normally when you have your custom dns on the vnet it should work. Is your domain controller in the same vnet or in another vnet?
It is in the same VNet but a different subnet. I can place a non-WVD host in that subnet and it can talk to the DC just fine. The issue is that the host creation process for whatever reason is not using the DNS servers on the VNet.