New Feature: Move disconnected sessions to a different host?

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I looked briefly but didn't see a place where we can suggest new ideas/features for Microsoft to implement for the Azure Virtual Desktop product, so I thought I'd post it here in hopes of getting attention from Microsoft. :)
If there's a different place to posts enhancement requests, I'm more than happy to move my request to the correct place.


We're using Nerdio for automatic scaling of our AVD Host Pools.
One of the features that would be extremely useful is the ability to move a disconnected session to a different host in the host pool so that Nerdio can scale-in the empty hosts.

Ideally, we'd be able to move any session to a different host, but we'd be happy to get disconnected session moves. 

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I thought now the most appropriate platform for feedback is Azure portal:


Everything with Microsoft feedback/UserVoice changes so much, I'm never quite sure.

@GIS_DaveS We have a pretty robust ideas board here for Azure Virtual Desktop which the product team monitors and is, as far as I know, their primary feedback tool:



Hi Dave, I've seen you around! I like the idea too.