New connection error...

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Within the last month or so, I've had some users complaining of being "kicked out" of their AVD sessions. In every case, it is a multi-user hostpool, as I haven't seen it with individually assigned VMs. The exact error is as follows:


Couldn't Connect

You no longer have access to Azure RemoteApp. Ask your admin or tech support for help.

Error code: 0x83886167
Extended error code: 0x0
Activity ID: {710e42d9-0e3f-4bcf-b3ac-5c4873e60100}


I've had several users report this issue and are usually able to get back in immediately. Many times, they lose their existing session and end up on a new machine with any work on the existing session lost. 

If anyone knows how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate any information you might have. Thank you.

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