Need help with WVD licensing'compliant'%20from%20wvd's%20perspective%3F%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3E%26nbsp%3B%3C%2FP%3E%3CUL%3E%3CLI%3ESince%20its%20the%20Win%2010%20Enterprise%20Multi-session%20marketplace%20image%20that%20is%20customized%20further%20and%20used%20to%20provision%20the%20session%20host%20virtual%20machines%20-%20I%20think%20there%20is%20nothing%20that%20is%20needed%20to%20be%20done%20in%20terms%20of%20getting%20this%20complaint%20for%20using%20in%20the%20production%20environment.%26nbsp%3B%3C%2FLI%3E%3CLI%3EHow%20about%20the%20users%20that%20are%20provisioned%20in%20the%20Azure%20AD%20and%20have%20been%20granted%20access%20to%20application%20groups%20of%20the%20host%20pool%3F%20I%20think%20they%20will%20AT-LEAST%20need%20to%20have%20the%20Microsoft%20365-F3%20license%20assigned%20to%20them%20(

Hello, need some advice on getting the right licensing in place for the wvd environment that we are trying to provision for one of the customer, sharing the overview 

  • Win 10 Enterprise Enterprise multi-session OS, customized it by installing required apps, generalized it and stored the image in the Azure image gallery. 
  • Session host VMs are created using the image as mentioned in above step. 
  • Azure AD Domain Service is used to cater to domain requirements of wvd. 
  • End customer accounts are provisioned in the Azure AD that are provided access to application groups of the host pool. 

Can anyone please confirm below in-order to get this to be called as 'compliant' from wvd's perspective?


  • Since its the Win 10 Enterprise Multi-session marketplace image that is customized further and used to provision the session host virtual machines - I think there is nothing that is needed to be done in terms of getting this complaint for using in the production environment. 
  • How about the users that are provisioned in the Azure AD and have been granted access to application groups of the host pool? I think they will AT-LEAST need to have the Microsoft 365-F3 license assigned to them (reference here), is that correct?
  • If point above is correct - would customer need to purchase Microsoft 365-F3 license separately and then get it assigned to users using Azure AD? 

Thanks in advance. 

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@bhushangawale: We have a pricing and licensing overview here:


If you still have questions I recommend to contact sales. See top of the page for contact references.

@Eva Seydl thanks for the response, have already taken a look at the link you have shared, however that does not clearly mentions questions asked above. can someone confirm this "would customer need to purchase Microsoft 365-F3 license separately and then get it assigned to users using Azure AD? "