Need help with missing network adapter

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Ok. so i have a Toshiba Satellite C55-C5268 laptop. when i got it windows wasnt installed on it. so when i powered it on it would just restart after the Toshiba screen.. so i somehow got into the BIOS and changed the Boot to CPU and I had an old Windows Installation Cd which was Windows 7 Professional and was able to get windows on it.. But this laptop originally had windows 10 on it. so i thought i would just download what i had onto it and then i could just update it once i got onto the internet with it.. well windows 7 professional is on it and works fine EXCEPT i cannot get online and i troubeshhot and it says that i need NETWORK ADAPTERS.. someone please help me


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Hi @Katie_Watson143,


It sounds like somewhere along the line that the Windows installation has not installed the onboard network card software drivers.


I would suggest from another computer to download the network card driver software and then place it onto a USB stick and plug it into your Toshiba and then install the network card driver software.


Just upon looking online for your specific laptop model, you can download the drivers directly from their website here -


Click on the download link and save it to your USB stick and follow my advice as noted above.  All the best!