Must I install an Exchange Server?

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In a tenant with Exchange Online already in use, we need to install a Windows Virtual Desktop deployment. We know that there is a requirement to create a ADDS domain and have the AD users synced. Is really still necessary to install Exchange Server???

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Hi, You don't need an Exchange Server for a Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure. Regards Tom Wechsler
Why not? there is an official article that says that if you have users synced you should have an Exchange Server in order to configure Exchange attributes, (if you want to have a supported scenario).
If you don't tell us your complete requirement, how can we provide you with an accurate answer? So what exactly do you need to realize?
We have Exchange Online already running and we want to add a WVD implementation in same tenant. Is a only cloud configuration (there is not AD on-premise). So, we know that in order to deploy WVD we need to deploy AD on-premise too as one of the options with users synced. So, in that case, we knew that if you sync users, by the following article, there is a requirement to deply Exchange Server too. But the question is if is really necessary in order to be supported, or if there was any change on these directions.
That article is more than eight years old. I think it's safe to ignore it. Using WVD with Exchange Online only is just fine.

@David Schrag 

I agree, but I have to be sure that is ok to ignore it.

Today I'm going to have a call with Microsoft to talk about the issue.