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Will WVD let me use multiple monitors at their native resolution running on Windows 10 locally.  Does the WVD client take care of this?


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@alphabeta This is supported today with the WVD client. As an admin you can set a custom property on the server side to enable multi-monitors. Or as a user, you can right-click on a desktop and select Settings to switch between single and multi monitors.

@David Belanger Is this supported when accessing WVD through the browser?

No, multi-mon is not available for the web client.

@David Belanger   Hello and hope I find you well. I have a WVD running without any issues but this morning all the sudden remote users cannot longer extend their display to the second monitor while using the Azure Remote Desktop app. This was working just fine yesterday. I went into this WVD and saw same issue. Do we know of any change or bug causing this? I went into Azure and looked for RDP settings but I do not have that option since this is not part of a hostpool. If I try to allow multiple screens from display options (right clicking on the desktop > display options), tells me I cannot modify display options from this computer.  I cannot restart this computer at this time because I have people working on it but maybe it is just a bug but will check tonight and see if issue resolved. Thank you for any insight you can provide! By the way, the Azure  RDP app is also current and up to date. To make sure, I uninstalled it and installed again from


@Jairzinho_00 That is an exact description of what we are experiencing this morning with a group of about 50 users. We have done the same troubleshooting but issue remains.

Hello @PEstrada , hope we receive an answer or some type of hint on this unexpected behavior from Microsoft Team. I am currently patching this VDI and hoping it is just a client windows update what is preventing the Azure remote session  to utilize multiple displays. However, patches are up to date per auto patching and I know last Thursday the VDI ran all cumulative patches for the week.  I may have to create a VPN tunnel to the back of the cloud infrastructure and see if former RDP can communicate and let users connect with the cloud subnet.  I do not want to touch that angle since I was not even planning on this event. I wish we would know it advance to at least think about it. Now  I have a group of frustrated remote users too.

I have the same multi monitor issue which began yesterday as well. Doesn't seem to be affecting my shared host pool, but is affecting several users with individual VMs
@Patrick280 and @David Belanger, that is correct. We only see this on individual WVDs
See the following which worked for me.

Also, it started working again for one of my machines, where only one monitor was working. Im not sure if maybe it's because i noticed that the multimon property (multimon:i:1) was missing from the advanced RDP properties section last night, even though it was enabled, and then added it manually.
Thank you so much for sharing!
Hi folks, thank you for raising the issue. We have resolved the problem and it should now use multi monitor by default once again.

@David Belanger Hope you are hale and healthy.  I need some assitance in fixing a strange issue using WvD . I am currently using 3 monitors for my work to console monitor. We are in porcess of migrating from VDI to WVD . I am using Windows desktop client Get started with the Windows Desktop client | Microsoft Docs for windows 64 bit. When I maximize the window to full screen, my other two monitors also goes blank with windows ICON stopping me to perform multi tasking. If I click restore down (middle option in top tab with session details)  the screen gets little smaller and other two monitors are display the contents from local machine. How to fix the issue to use full screen without affecting my pther monitors connected to local machine for multi tasking. Please advise. attached the screenshot of multi monitor when WVD is maximised.


I think, I found it now after referring to link

So, the settings are available by righ clicking the DESKTOP or session ICON that with in orange logo (REMOTE DESKTOP) in yout tool bar .