Multiple monitor screen does not align with client machine

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Starting the WVD client [1] on my Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 I didn't have to do anything for my second monitor to be recognized. This was my first test of the WVD client,  and it looks fantastic.


After just a short time I had a problem with the alignment of the WVD window desktops and my client machine's desktop.


My primary is on Lenovo laptop (2880 x 1620) and secondary is Lenovo ThinkVision 17" (1280 x 1024). When on the second monitor, if my mouse scrolls off the edge, a blank area is revealed, and both monitors are misaligned with the display. 


I've experienced similar effects using third-party [2] remote login software. Once I enabled two separate windows, the scrolling problem was resolved. WVD is behaving in a similar manner--if I click on the WVD Desktop title bar and move it down, both monitor windows pull away in one large window (see image). 


What is the solution for resolving multi-monitor alignment with WVD? 





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@chris2255 Is the issue when the session is in full screen or when it's in windowed mode?


If windowed mode, according to the screenshot this would be by design for different size monitors. You have the option to switch to single display when in windowed mode if that is a better option:


@David Belanger "...according to the screenshot this would be by design for different size monitors."


I'm sorry. Evidently I did not explain the situation sufficiently. 

1. I have two monitors 

2. When I log-in, both monitors are detected and appear perfectly aligned.

3. When I scroll off the top edge of the left (lower resolution monitor), the non-desktop area of the attached image (black area) is displayed. At the same time, the right monitor becomes misaligned and displaced.


This is certainly not the intended behavior of multi-monitor. This experience occurred on a third-party demo of Azure VDI. The agent explained this was not the correct behavior, and shared their screen with me. They also had two monitors of different resolutions. In fact, the presenter went on to say that they should not be able to see what was on my second monitor, but nevertheless, the displacement was showing my second monitor.


The presenter suggested the problem lies with my client machine's monitor settings. I fiddled around with my client machine's monitor settings. If the solution is in my client settings, then WVD must be taking exception with a random combination of settings--there's not many settings to tweak and certainly no "Click here for WVD happy multi-monitor config" button. 


The presenter showed me a working multi-monitor setup with different resolutions. And, as I suggested in my OP, other platforms have the same problem, and have solutions. So, what is the Azure solution?