MSTSC client with Windows Virtual Desktop

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I am currently managing a Windows Server 2019 RDS farm with several RDSH to publish in RemoteApp the application that my company is developing.
The advantage of this solution is that the end users access our application via the RDWeb, then launch the RemoteApp with the native MSTSC client.
Our software should then be able to display the remote file explorer and mount the user's local drives with drives redirection.

We are currently studying a migration to Azure WVD.
Unfortunately, the MSTSC client is not compatible with this solution, and we should have to force our clients to install the "Windows Desktop" thick client so that clients can access their RemoteApp.
Using the HTML5 client is not possible as this client does not have local drive redirection.
The only solution available to us currently would be to ask the customer to install the Windows Desktop client, which is counterintuitive since we are selling an application in RemoteApp which does not require installation on the client workstation.

Are there any solutions for this?
Could MSTSC client be WVD compatible so we can migrate our clients without worries?

For the moment, it is the dead end for us. Thank you !

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@tpironneau Unfortunately the MSTSC client is not supported as you mentioned. The only option would be to use the Windows Desktop client which requires installation. Admins can also install the client for their users through standard MSI install processes but I'm not sure that's an option for you.

@David BelangerHello, this is a shame. Our RemoteApp application is used by many users of whom we do not have the control of the computer station. While Microsoft's policy is to push to migrate RDS On-premise to WVD, we lose a lot of flexibility on the client side. It is unthinkable to ask our customers to install an application to launch a cloud application ... Thank you anyway.