MSIX RemoteApp Possible rights issue

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Followed a few guides to stage and register apps from a network share everything works perfectly within the WVD host as remote desktop user can launch the app etc.


If I try to add the app to Remote applications the guides suggest creating a lnk shortcut which would link to a path, you then put the lnk shortcut in  c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\Start Menu\Programs 




A shortcut to


 C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\VLCplayer_3.0.11.0_x64__6kpxaaedanasr\VFS\ProgramFilesX64\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe


This is where I get the problem with Remote Apps, I can only launch this from an admin account / normal accounts will not launch this app


Not sure if this is normal but I notice from powershell, again I can browse to that path and launch the exe from and admin account   but not from a standard user account.

one thing I did notice is from that path I can launch a txt file or some other file formats but not exe's



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@timmybeer  Ive answered my own question


Seems to be the ApplyACL part of msixmgr  that creates bad ACLs for the folder

I'll write up a blog post about it

Can you add a link to your blog post?
That is not really how one is to generate a short cut to MSIX app attach remote app. Can you please link the article you referenced?