MSIX App Attach - Updating packages\Images with newer application versions

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I have been testing MSIX app attach on AVD over the last week or so. I am looking for best practices\methods for updating deployed packages\images with application updates. I can't seem to find anyone who has documented the process.


Let's say for instance I have Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer version 1.28.1 deployed and I want to update that app to version 1.31.2. What does that process look like? I assumed I would just update the msix package with the new installer, recreate the image, then update the files in my Azure storage. Maybe it's not even that difficult, but I can't seem to find how it can\should be done.


Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Did a bit more testing. Seems like I would just create a new MSIX package with the new installer for the new application version, create another image. Add the new cim to my host pool, I noticed when I added the new image to my host pool, it changed the previous version to inactive and the new version to active. Upon logging in I have the new application version available.

Can anyone confirm this is the correct\best\easiest method for updating applications via app attach on AVD?