Moving WVD ARM resources between resource groups in Azure Portal


Hey folks, 

Just experienced that when WVD ARM resources e.g. host pool, app group and workspace are moved to new resource group using Azure portal, operation gets executed successfully but new resource group does not show moved resources in it. Not sure why.


Also interestingly, when you try to delete the new resource group - it then shows the list of those moved wvd arm resources as affected resources in the confirmation dialog.


Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but sounds like a potential bug?

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@bhushangawale How long did you wait before you tried deleting the resource group? Generally the resource graph has a delay (which is unpredicatable) and affects what is displayed. We do not control this from the service side. But if you wait for 15-30 mins resources should have been displayed.

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam ah I see, TBH - did not wait for long before going to ahead with delete resource group activity however never experienced this with other resources while moving them between RGs. 

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@bhushangawale We have seen this while deleting app groups, unregistering app groups from workspace, etc. There is a delay and after that it gets resolved.