Moving AVD VMs to a Different Subscription

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Hi all, I've been asked to work on consolidating all of our WVD (AVD) virtual machines into one subscription.  Right now, these WVD machines are running in three different subscriptions. There is one WVD vm(session host) per Hostpool. Is it possible to move all of the elements of a Hostpool, including the WVD vm, to another subscription? The new subscription that it will be moved to will have a different VNET that the WVD virtual machine will have to connect to.


Is this possible? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.     

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what you can do is move the resources to the new subscription and re-register the sessionhost with the hostpool.
For the moment you can't move hostpools to a different subscription, best to re-create them if needed.
Just make sure that the new vnet has your custom dns configured.