Move on-premises Remote Desktop Services to Azure Virtual Desktop

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Hi guys, 


I've just come across an article on Microsoft documentation on Azure Virtual Desktop.

I might have missed it in the article but can someone please clarify if it is about migration of virtual desktops or remote desktop session hosts?



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The article you've shared provides guidance on migrating Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments, which typically include Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RDSH) among other components, to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). While the article might not explicitly mention the term "Remote Desktop Session Hosts," it does encompass the migration of virtual desktops and the associated infrastructure to the Azure Virtual Desktop platform.

Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop) is a comprehensive cloud-based virtualization service that enables organizations to host Windows desktops and applications in the cloud. This includes both individual virtual desktops and session-based desktops (similar to Remote Desktop Session Hosts in traditional RDS environments).


The migration process outlined in the article involves moving workloads from on-premises RDS environments, including virtual desktops and Remote Desktop Session Hosts, to the Azure Virtual Desktop platform. It covers various aspects such as planning, architecture considerations, prerequisites, and steps for a successful migration.


The article does address the migration of both virtual desktops and remote desktop session hosts, providing guidance on transitioning your on-premises Remote Desktop Services infrastructure to Azure Virtual Desktop.