mouse and keystroke lags using CAD based application on WVD

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Hello Team,


We've deployed a NV32as_v4 for 10 of our engineers to run CAD based software for designing. Recently the users have been complaining that they are experience mouse lags and double keystrokes. I've checked performance metrics as per the troubleshooting guidance here and found that most of the sessions are seeing Skipped frames due to insufficient server resources. I've verified that the CPU, GPU and RAM are all < 20% when the entire group is connected to remote apps in WVD. The only constraint we found was the OS disk IOPS. I've resized it to a 512GB premium SSD for the higher IOPS and even then the issue persists. Can someone help me if I am missing anything here?


We already have a ticket with the MS support team but they're going in circles and asking to have the end users connect via RDP which I don't want to do as that's where they came to Azure from in the first place and may quickly lose confidence in Azure.


Let me know if any additional info is required and any and all help appreciated!



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@azure_arch, make sure that you enabled GPU-accelerated rendering as described here:


@fdwl I did enable GPU policies in the link. I had to disable H.264/AVC hardware and graphic mode settings because some of the users were seeing black screens when opening applications(screenshot attached). They are using the latest version of remote desktop app. Any other settings I am missing here? or any other troubleshooting I can perform? Appreciate your help! Thanks!!