Minimum End User Broadband Requirements

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Hi all


Have tried a search of both general internet and these forums but not yet found the answer...


Are there minimum broadband requirements (download/upload speeds) to run the client version of AVD?


Most of our users are fine, but we have a few in particular where Round Trip times are higher than we'd expect, and their general speedtest results against their ISP are what I would consider poor, but I was looking for a definitive "you should be aiming for X" if you want to use our applications on AVD. 


Users will be using Teams and Outlook heavily, as well as some bespoke applications which are quite performance heavy. 


Thanks in advance

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@Johan Vanneuville thanks for the reply


Yeah I'd seen that page. I guess what I'm wondering (and apologies if this sounds ridiculous - for context my team is involved in the front-end support of users on AVD, rather than the technical set up of the infrastructure) is how I translate that to the end user in terms of "will the internet connection they have at home be good enough to use AVD?"


I didn't know if it was more about our developers running some scripts (like those here) to look at what average round trip / available bandwidth results were, but still don't know if that will translate to us being able to tell those looking to work with our organisation remotely "when testing your internet connection you need to have a minimum download speed of 40MBPS" or whatever that number/measure would be. Happy to direct our developers that way, but just wondered if there were minimum pre-reqs that Microsoft stipulated themselves (but couldn't find anything specific so far)