Minimized RemoteApps in browser

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We have deployed a number of WIN32 apps on WVD, as RemoteApps.


Accessing via a browser is quite amazing frankly. However when an app is minmized it seems to disappear. It is not obvious that it is minimized or running, nor is there an obvious way to unminimize.


Ctrl + Alt + End > Task Manager does get it back, but I wondered if anyone knows a more obvious solution?

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@James Bliss are you able to use the application icons shown in the task bar? (see example below)



Hi @briantaintor 


I don't see any icons. In the screenshot below my application is running, but has been minimised. There are no icons, and no obvious way to get back to the window:




NB - I have removed some PI in the screenshot. The name in the tab is the tenant name, not the app name. We have multiple apps available to load.


The link below about this being "reported" is gone. The situation of remoteapp that get minimized while using the AVD Web Client is still the same. That minimized app can't be restored. Are you aware of any other information on this issue?