Microsoft Team - Time Zone Set to UTC - Redirection is not working

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Have Published the MS team client for WVD  users , followed the Instructions per device install 

Although MS Mentioned in the "Known issues and limitations" that "Teams currently only shows the UTC time zone in chat, channels, and calendar."


Is there any workaround It has been months now , Users are complain as Even when they Chat the time zone shows UTC cause confusions . Not sure how it impact to EU Users as they have Legal requirement to Retain Chat history with Time Stamps.



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Im also curious when this will be resolved.

@cvanaxel I was told by Insight that this would be fix on the June Update.  As of today, it's still a problem.  Anyone has any update?

I already fixed mine with a registry key.


@cvanaxel - I'm excited to hear that you were able to resolve this! Would you be able to share the registry key you used to fix this? Or perhaps link me to the source documentation?


@AShea2020 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation



Machine Redirection is working fine but not the Team , When Login in Windows It shows Local Time Zone , Even WEB TEAM Is fine but on Teams App it showing UTC.