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I have a customer trying out WVD, the RDSH server gives a lot of errors constantly in the event logs. The event: 

Value of the 'Tenant' in 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RDMonitoringAgent' is empty.


Is this a common issue? What/how can we resolve this?

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Hi @andersidahl ,


Could you take a look inside your Registry. Is het key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RDMonitoringAgent filled in?

It should contain the info from the WVD Tenant to which your sessionhost is connected to

Hi @michawets, we only got theese generic registry entires here:


Can we set it manually here somehow?

Hi @andersidahl ,


Sorry for the delay. I will get back to you as soon as possible to help you!

Hi Micha, this is a little urgent since our customer is trying WVD in production for a couple of apps. It seems like the following keys are the ones missing, but could you please guide me as to how to find the right values for them?

I would guess for the first two it is the same as the WVD information set up, but Cluster and Ring i am unable to find any information on with the PS-module available.


Edit: Or could we disable the monitoring part of it? I see that it is using A LOT of disk write operations which is slowing the performance of the solution extremely.

Hi @andersidahl ,


I totally understand. I checked my own deployment to see where the Ring & Cluster is coming from.

I also checked the config folder of the Monitoring Agents, but no luck so far.


I asked the product team if they could help with this case, how you can resolve this issue.