Microsoft AVD Authentication Timeout

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Is there some sort of microsoft timeout for where the token expires? We're utilizing Dell ThinOS thin clients and in WMS I have the broker set to Azure AVD.


When this is applied to the thin client, immediately a microsoft login box pops up over the Dell Login UI. If no user enters credentials in that login window for a while (I believe it's 30-60min), the next person who tries to login receives the following message "Sorry, your sign-in timed out. Please sign in again." It doesn't say the credentials are invalid (because they aren't) it just doesn't successfully authenticate. At this point it does show our tenants custom background..


At that point the user can type their credentials in again and it successfully authenticates them. My worry is that we'll have this happen to the first user who logs into each thin client every single morning and throughout the day as the thin clients set idle. 


There aren't many options you can set for the Azure broker. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this and has a potential solution? Something to note is I'm also experiencing this from a web browser outside of utilizing a thin client across different tenants.

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What is your setup and authentication flow now?

@Kidd_Ip We are in the testing phase with Microsoft AVD. Our current production is utilizing another virtualization technology. 


I did have a session with Dell on Friday and they were going to reach out to some other orgs that use AVD to see what their setup is like. It's definitely an issue with how AVD is setup in their WMS console: immediately launching the microsoft login window. I tested AVD on an iGel thin client and i do not experience the issue because when AVD is selected the credentials box that is displayed is an Igel one and once you type the credentials in and hit enter, then it pulls up the microsoft login window and passes your credentials through.