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I've set up a working WVD enviroment with 2 pools.


For my project I need to use skype on the host machines, the installation went fine but skype couldn't connect to my microphone.


I seached around a little and found that this is an option that can be put in the .rdp file that is created by the remote desktop client(C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\rdclientwpf\...) called 'audiocapturemode'. Does anyone know how I can make this option default so i don't have to put the 'audiocapturemode:i:1' line in every .rdp file that is created? Maybe a registry key on the host?

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@User-101_user-101 : You can add this setting in the RDP file by setting the "CustomRdpProperty" on the host pool:

Set-RdsHostPool -TenantName <tenantName> -HostPoolName <hostPoolName> -CustomRdpProperty "audiocapturemode:i:1"

@Christian_Montoya Totally missed that option in the documentation. Your answer indeed solved my probleme. Thanks a lot.

@User-101_user-101 Did you get this to work after setting the property id?  speaker and mic?