Mic redirection (Speech Recognition) does not work on WIndows7 WVD via RDP access

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I've created a Windows7 WVD and successfully accessed to it. Everything's working fine except Speech Recognition (i.e. mic redirection).  I'm accessing to WVD via "Microsoft Remote Desktop" on macOS and the default Remote Desktop on Windows OS with using a RDP file. Both clients didn't work.


Here are what I tried or checked:

1. Tried Control Panel > Speech Recognition > Start Speech Recognition

The error message said "Wizard could not launch, No audio input device found."

2. Go to Device Manager

No sound device found

3. Added these RDP options to the RDP file.



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Mic redirection is not yet supported in Azure WVD.



This makes Azure WVD less competitive to other DaaS solutions that do support Mic Redirection. Even Workspot who hosts in Azure supports Mic redirection.