MFA and permissions to create WVD Host Pools

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Hello. I'm attempting to log into a Powershell session using the Add-RdsAccount. Unfortunately it fails. I believe that the issue is I'm never prompted for MFA. Is there a way around this? If not, how can I grant an additional account, that doesn't have MFA restrictions, rights to create and administer WVD Host Pools?


Thanks for your help.

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@Ed Stalcup, are you at the initial stages of creating your WVD environment? Have you created your tenant / created your App Registrations yet? I’ll need to go back and double check, but MFA wasn’t a barrier to setup for me... in spite of enforcing via CA. Web / PowerShell prompts should request and accepted without issue. 


If if you’re referring to ongoing Host Pool management, you’ll need to use a Service Principle in place of username / password in your Host Pool settings. Some additional detail in a blog post I wrote up on WVD a short while back if it helps?