Memory usage increasing on hosts

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In the last months I have noticed the memory usage on our hosts creeping up. This results in decreasing the max session limit and adding more hosts to the host pool, to spread the load. 


The memory usage doesn't seem to be caused by one factor. It's all the Chrome, Adobe Reader, OneDrive, Teams and Office/Outlook processes added up. 

One thing I noticed is that OneDrive.exe seems to be using 400MB memory per user, while other host pools only use 100-200MB per user.


Because it's mainly memory usage, I have been thinking of replacing the D-series VM's with the E-series VM's. Before going that road I wondered if there are any tweaks in the community to limit the memory usage.


Does anyone have any tweaks to share? We have already done the following:

- Implemented a GPO that enables Google Chromes 'Memory Saver' feature for all users.

- Replaced the classic Teams client with the new one, hoping that it will use less memory.

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We have more a more issue with user profiles being corrupted. On a D16, more than 13 users becomes problematic.
Our customer is also using Chrome and we plan to force them to use Edge (same engine) to reduce CPU and RAM consumption.



May be better to think about usage in AVD, say browser, Teams is necessary