Mechanics on how personal (not pooled) host pools assign session hosts to users

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When setting up a persistent(personal) host pool. My assumption is that each user in the pool will be assigned to one and only one session host. So there is direct 1 to 1 mapping between users and session host and that mapping is retained for the life of the pool. A few questions.

1. Does the broker decide on single vs. multiple users per session host based on whether a classic Windows 10 image or a multi-session 10 is used?

2. Does the broker map the users to the session host at the time the pool is created, or is that done the first time the user accesses the pool?

3. If session host is removed from the pool after it has been mapped to a user. Will the broker just search for a unassigned session host to use at the next login

4. Is there a way to remove a mapping between a session host and a user?


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@dtg123 : Thanks for the questions. 


1. The broker doesn't take into account single vs multi-session image. Any unassigned session hosts will be considered for the next assignment.

2. The broker maps the users to the session host the first time the user connects to the pool.

3. Yes, you manually remove a session host from the pool, the user will be in the state where they have not been assigned to a session host in the pool. Therefore, it's like they're starting over and will get a new assignment.

4. The only way to remove the mapping is to remove the session host from the pool. We did this so the admin could not easily swap users in and out of session hosts, which could lead to security issues.