MAPS license for RDS WVD

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Question is quite simple: does RDS CAL that is included in core benefits package for Partners (Action Pack) is suitable for use in Windows Virtual Desktop environment for Windows Server deployment? From various sources I understand the license needed is RDS CAL with SA if I understand correctly. Or maybe, for a single-user and test/dev scenarios I can use it freely? (excluding Azure compute of course)


Thanks a lot for any insights!

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@Aleksander Pawlak| did you get any helpful insights regarding this matter? I want to setup and configure WVD within my MAPS tenant, but would like to understand if the licenses involved will allow me to do so

So far I come to understand that IUR benefit does not include any Microsoft 365 nor SA assurance for RDS. That means you need to get them separately. I tried to order RDS CAL from my indirect provider but they are struggling it seems to add it via CSP. For Windows Desktop you need a Microsoft 365 plan - that one you can get a trial at least. Maybe with the price increase they would add some Microsoft 365 to MAPS baseline or add exception to it, who knows.
M365 F1 for $10/m has the rights to access WVD.

Thats correct although I'm not interested in virtual Windows Client, but Windows Server and Remote App - where M365 license doesn't apply to my best knowledge