Mapped Drives for Windows Virtual Desktop when it is Published As App

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We are looking into using Windows Virtual Desktop to host an application which the staff use. We have set up a test environment and configured Windows Virtual Desktop to run in a new domain using Azure ADDS.


In the environment we have published the app, but we really, want to be able to map a drive to the app so that the users can open access the files stored there from within the app. It needs to be consistent with what we have. Fslogix has been configured for using the profiles with VHDs which is great, but we really want that mapped drive.


I have set up a share in Azure Blob Storage and that has been synced with the on-prem AD so it is accessible to users logging into the test environment. I have tested it and it works. I can map a drive to it and open the app from the server, however when the app is accessed as an app session it is not there. I have set up a GPO to map the drive, but that doesn't work and neither did a script running on startup.


If the user logs into the desktop session then it maps the drive. As a work around we can get the user to log on first to the desktop session which initiates the mapped drive and then when the sign out and back into the app itself it is then present. The thing is that we don't want to be doing that for every user, we want it to be there from the app, the first time they log in.


Can anyone help with this?

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