Major delay to redirected printing in WVD

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As the title states. We have about a dozen users on one server and most of them complain about printing taking at least 30 seconds (and that's on a good day) to over several minutes to local printers through WVD. Almost all of their printers are connected via USB. Through the VPN to other printers, printing takes seconds. I have researched and I can't find any kind of solution. Has anyone come across this? Thanks so much.

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WVD has tons of issues and few solutions, join the club!
So printing is delayed but what about the user connections? I would like to know if your users are seeing a delay in user connections - it might be a bi-product of where the users are and where the VM/data is.

We are having the same issue.  The only slow thing is the printing to redirected printers.  Any updates on this?