Mac RD Client 10.3.12 Broken for WVD - no workspaces found for email address


Hi all,

I've deployed several WVD using Powershell in different tenants. I have a few mac users and the latest Mac RD client does not work - it broke after an update a few months back and hasn't been fixed.

If you go to workspaces, add workspace, type in the user's email address, it throws an error: No workspace is associated with this email address.

The Windows client still works, as does the web client. I can't find any info online - I guess there aren't many mac users logging in to Azure hosted WVDs!

Has anybody else out there experienced the same? I wonder whether this coincides with the new GUI tools in Azure which don't appear to work with WVD hostpools previously deployed via Powershell.

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Hi @vikaspullagura 


You could try the very latest client which is 10.4.0 which was released a few days ago. Check it out here -

No, the workspaces feature is still broken for me in the latest version. I have Azure WVDs in 3 different tenants, and it won't pick up resource pools in any of them with email address. Works fine in the Windows client. It's been like this for months now, but it did work in the very early release.

I am having the same issue and my version of client is 10.7.3 which is the latest right now. email address throws an exception claiming no Workspace found, even though machine is registerd to intune and workspace works just fine on all windows clients

I am also suffering from this issue. Latest version of Remote Desktop app and on an intel based Mac. Email or my custom url for my workspace pulls up nothing. Are there any updates on this??@vikaspullagura