Mac OS Client - Broken for WVD

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I have tried multiple versions of the Microsoft Remote Desktop client, including the Beta client with no success. When I attempt to add a WVD Workspace I get an error message that states "No workspace is associated with this email address." 

I have no issues with the Windows based remote desktop client, or the web client. Is this a known issue? I have several users that are reporting this issue with the Mac client. 

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@allenstalker I'm having the same issue. Mac, iOS, and Android can't discovery feeds. The Windows client and Web can. I'm using a Classic WVD instance.

To add a workspace by using an email address you need to add a DNS record to your domain used for email, as described here:  and here in the official MS documentation: 

Alternatively you can enter the feed url instead of the email address in the client:

or (for WVD classic)



@tilikumtim interesting, thank you for the info. I am just curious as to why it works without any issues and no DNS record on the Windows client, but not on the Mac/Android/iOS client.