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Hi! I wonder if anyone have a way of change the OS/browser location so that Edge searches returns results from a chosen region? We have several WVD deployments in West Europe, but we and the customers are located in Norway. We need Edge to return results relevant to Norwegian users, not results relevant to users in Amsterdam.. I know it can be done manually for each users if they log on to Edge, but a solution with a GPO would be preferrable as there are lots of users 

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maybe you can change search engine in Edge and set your prefered one.. I used google.de (customer is in germany) and my host is located in west europe

Hi, I ran into this issue several times and asked MSFT. They told me I can fix it with proxy for routing the traffic through my location. Some website are just using geo-location (like in a train station, at airport etc) and they return the language of the Azure region (DC) where your session hosts are located.
Thanks for the info, did you happen to use the proxy and how did it work?

This issue is cropping up more and more, we had it with Windows 365 Business as the machine can be created in any data centre and caused issues for our UK users, we also have it with out AVD users. Could do with a viable policy driven solution.