Local Image Creation

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Hi All


Anyone had any luck or able to explain the steps needed to download an image for Azure Marketplace to enable local Gold image/mater image creation?  As described here:  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/set-up-customize-master-image  


Do you first have to create an Azure VM and then download the VHD image via export - or is there an easier way?  Not looking forward to the download of a 128 GB file!







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I started along that path but aborted when I saw the size of the image file download. I went the other way and instead booted up the Vm in Azure, performed all the necessary configuration via RDP and then ran sysprep on the Vm in Azure. Then "Capture" the Vm once it's shut down. All of this took far less time than it would've taken to download the 127Gb and more importantly upload it again afterwards. Might not be the only way but it's what I've done.