Licensing pop up?


On a recently deployed host pool, I'm getting the popup on logon that says 'Remote Desktop licensing mode is not configured'.  My previous host pools did not display this as far as I remember.  Should this be popping up?  It sounds like it's set on the broker which customers would not have access to.

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@evgaff We will be fixing this and should go away in a couple of weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Any status updates for this? We want to make sure WVD is not just going to stop working once it reaches that countdown.

I get this same message when I am logged in with a local admin account using an internal interface. Normal licensed domain (hybrid) users do not generate this message when they connect through the public (Managed by Microsoft) interface/endpoint.

@Sami_Holtta and @sbuntun , we are pushing the fix through our channels which will take a few more weeks. If the countdown reaches 0, users are unable to connect unless you remote into with MSTSC /Admin. If you need more time, it's probably best to redeploy using the image from the gallery as that should give you several hundreds of days - more than we need to get the fixes through. 

I think that there still have several hundreds days left and normal Microsoft 365 licensed domain users do not see this popup, so we can stand this. I started now to pilot this multi-session experience with a pool of Windows 10 Office 365 virtual desktop virtual machines/users. AD Connect Active Directory Domain Services to Azure Active Directory, FSLogix container profiles in Azure Blob (storage access key protected with Credential Manager) with normal user profile redirection (documents, etc.), local user account profiles excluded in FSLogix, custom domain name with Web App web.config redirect, conditional MFA for VDI users, etc.  We will see soon what this real multi-session user experience is. Shared Office activation added to policies registry hive with GPO ADMX , other settings with GPO preferences, restricted groups, loopback and normal computer configuration, Windows Defender and VDI settings configuration, best practices followed. Thinking also some isolation in these virtual desktop domain joined virtual machines in the VNet subnet.

@PieterWigleven :


do we have solution identified for this.


i still have this issue.


we are with very less days available for this.


let me know if we have any working fix for this. 

Hi @deepak_mani, there are no known issues (anymore) that could have this symptom at this point. Do you have an active CSS case?