Last heartbeat time


What should I expect from "Lastheartbeat" when looking at the sessions hosts ?
I have an entire pool with 10 hosts reporting heartbeats more then 14 hours ago.
To me, that does not sound right but what does it really mean ?

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@viniszThe value used to get updated every few seconds (when WVD was still in public preview). Now it only gets updated when the RDAgentBootLoader service is started, or will show as "NoHeartbeat" if the RDAgentBootLoader service is stopped for 10 seconds.


Interestingly, if a host hangs or blue screens, it will show a "NoHeartbeat" status after 10 seconds, but any users that were connected to it at the time will be unable to log into WVD again until the host comes back up or it is removed from the host pool. Even if the status is "NoHeartbeat" the WVD broker will still try connect the users to the hung session host.