JoinDomain VMExtensionProvisioningError when deploying WVD

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I got the following error:


{"code":"DeploymentFailed","message":"At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see for usage details.","details":[{"code":"Conflict","message":"{\r\n \"status\": \"Failed\",\r\n \"error\": {\r\n \"code\": \"ResourceDeploymentFailure\",\r\n \"message\": \"The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.\",\r\n \"details\": [\r\n {\r\n \"code\": \"VMExtensionProvisioningError\",\r\n \"message\": \"VM has reported a failure when processing extension 'joindomain'. Error message: \\\"Exception(s) occured while joining Domain ''\\\"\\r\\n\\r\\nMore information on troubleshooting is available at \"\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n}"}]}


The AD is in a resource group called WVD and so it the host pool being created. Just can't figure out why it won't join/setup The user is in the AAD DC group as well as a Tenant Creator group. Not sure what else to test. 


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When I run into domain join problems with the extension, I'll typically RDP into a VM and try joining the domain manually to rule out networking or credential problems, which many times is either one causing the problem.  Be sure to configure a custom DNS for the VNET that is the IP for AADDS, otherwise the VM's in your host pool will not be able to resolve your domain name.


Here is a good document to help with further troubleshooting